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The Smart Bandage


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Founded in 2014 in USA. It is a New Jersey based Bandage company, specializing in the development of medicated Bandages in USA.

Aid-Tec – The Smart Bandage

Aid Tec is a uniquely engineered and designed bandage which, using a unique and patented delivery system. 

Aid Tec’s patent is a unique bandage that contains a breakable capsule; when broken, the capsule releases a fresh dose of a multi-compound therapeutic substance into the pad. 

The unique structure of Aid Tec’s bandage allows the sterile bandage to be applied to skin as easily as any other bandage on the market. 

The combination of substances can be adjusted in the future to meet markets demands and needs; the unique sterile capsule structure allows administering an antiseptic, anticoagulant, antibiotic, Corn removal, anti fungal ,stop Bleeding and more. 

AID TEC bandage is 100% waterproof, 4 sided seal, latex free. 

Aid Tec Medicated Bandage is US patent #D692,566S.